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Adrash Shikshan Prasarak Mandal” has blazed a trained and set an unparallel example in south. Today ASPM runs 21 educational institutes with an assets base of Rs.50 crore and manpower in excess of 5600 employees. A.S.P.M.’s K.T. Patil College of Pharmacy was established in 1999 with its view & object to provide elaborate & liberal facility for education & training in diverse disciplines of knowledge in pharmacy.

The college of pharmacy was established in the pleasant and peaceful environs of Osmanabad. Situated a lush, verdant 10 acre campus, the college began by offering a B.Pharmacy course started in 1999 and M.Pharmacy course (Pharmaceutics and Quality Assurance Techniques) in 2010.

The primary motive of ASPM is to "Train young students able and eager them to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information".The Institute is a dream comes true of its founder Shri K.T.Patil - an eminent teacher, a participant in Indian freedom struggle. His track record speak volumes. He is a recipient of ‘Best teacher’ award by Indian President in year 2001 and many other laurels bestowed on him for his outstanding capabilities.

A.S.P.M.’s K.T. Patil College of Pharmacy has an excellent academic track record depicted through University Examination results and co-curricular as well as Extra curricular achievements, cater to the needs of masses and provides excellent infra-structural facilities such as state of the art buildings, laboratories, library facilities, Research Laboratories, Computer Laboratory, Machine Room, Student hostels for boys and girls, playground, canteen etc along with well qualified, devoted & experienced faculty.

  • "To be a leader in Pharmacy Education, Training and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences." .
  • "To be a leader in Pharmacy Education, Training and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences."
  • "To be a leader in Pharmacy Education, Training and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences."


Making the young budding pharmacy professionals globally competent in the service, business sector and providing excellence in the pharmacy sector. Enriching the society with the values of pharmacy education in the health care. Bridging the gap between pharmacist and the medical world to think innovative in the health care system.


Making world class knowledged and skilled pharmacist competent for recent requirements of society. To provide research based education and training to meet international task of field in terms on industry and health care.


To develop competent healthcare professionals who will safeguards public health by ensuring appropriate standards of safety, quality and efficacy in medicines.


ASPM's K. T. Patil College of Pharmacy,

Siddharth Nagar, Barshi Road,
Osmanabad - 413 501

Phone : +91-7875274505

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